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"Dear Ian, Jarrod and all coaches at NB BSS,


We'd like to thank you all immensely for your dedicated coaching and

development of our son Charlie Entwistle over the last 9 months. We have no

doubt that Charlie's selection into the Central Coast Mariners Academy

U/10's SAP is as a result of his training with the Northern Beaches

Brazilian Soccer School. 


In the July Winter School holidays of this year we decided to put Charlie,

our son, into a Brazilian Soccer Schools holiday camp at Pittwater RSL. He

enjoyed the camps so much he never wanted to leave. Towards the end  of the

camp the coaching staff pulled us aside as they could see potential in

Charlie, and they suggested that Charlie attend weekly regular training

sessions with the Brazilian Soccer School to further develop his skills.  So

we then carried on with further training on Tuesday nights. Charlie's foot

work and skills with a soccer ball just improved immediately and his desire

to get better at juggling and do everything to impress his coaches just

shone through. Charlie was excelling at the Tuesday night training sessions

and so it was suggested that he attend the Academy Training Sessions as well

on a Thursday night at Harbord Kickoff. So we did. The benefits of Charlie

attending this Academy session with other highly skilled players were huge.

He constantly strived to better his skills and could test them out against

other very well equipped players. 


And my greatest compliments to the coaching staff. Watching all these young

boys listen to their coaches was amazing. I've coached myself for a few

years and have never had the control of my players like these guys. The

coaches are unbelievable. They take their time with the kids, show and tell

them everything they need and want to hear. 


We'd never heard of Futsal before. Ian asked us to trial Charlie at AIS at

Narrabeen. Charlie went through the 3 trials and got down to the last 18.

Unfortunately Charlie missed out. But he did get a flash pair of Futsal

boots which became his lifeline. He has to wear these to training every week

and every time he had to put shoes on.


Ian then told us about SAP. Us being local soccer club members and from one

of those clubs not having any rep programs or development squads we were

unaware of SAP. So Ian worked on Charlie and wanted us to trial Charlie in

one of these programs. We chose the Central Coast Mariners Academy as we

were moving up the coast for business. We trialled Charlie in the U/9 SAP

first as he is only 8. After the first trial, I was pulled aside by the

coaching staff and was told Charlie's foot work was too good as it's a

skills based squad,so they put him into the U/10 SAP trials.  After all 3

trials,Charlie now plays for the Central Coast Mariners Academy U/10's team.

This is very exciting news for us and Charlie. 


We'd really like to thank Ian and his coaching team. Without their knowledge

of the game and skills we would never have thought Charlie could have gone

this far. Even though we now reside on the Central Coast, we are still

travelling down to Sydney to finish off the term with NBBSS. We can't miss

out on the coaching these guys give. The Mariners program has started but

Charlie just loves the programs Ian and his staff have planned.  


If any parent wants to see their kids football skills improve don't hesitate

on giving NB BSS a go. 




Simon Entwistle"


"I would just like to thank Ian and the guys for their amazing coaching over the last 2 years. You are doing great things for the area and take a real interest in the kids as individuals which is rare to find. Ben got into Northbridge Rep Squad, and I know that the skills he learnt with you were a big part of this!

Keep us posted for upcoming camps, etc. The new Development Squad programme sounds very exciting!" Thanks again, Kath


"Hi Ian, best of luck with it all. I think the new Academy and location will be brilliant! I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the coaching from you and your team. You've done a great job in developing Charlie as a player over the last 2 and a bit years. He is really looking forward to playing for Northbridge FC next year in there Elite Junior Development Program. Great that some of his team mates from BSS will be joining him! They can only go from strength to strength" .... Cheers Sara

"Hello Ian,

Glad to see things're going good on those beautiful Northern Beaches!

Also thrilled to see NBSS is going so well for you.

When we left Sydney you asked me to make sure Leo got some 'proper' training - so I wanted to fill you in where he's at.  This kid might look good on your credentials some day....

In March of this year Leo travelled to Sydney with Wynton Rufer personally to represent his NZ Elite Academy.  They played a tournament in Blacktown and met with the Western Sydney football team.  This prior to Leo's club season beginning.

Western Springs is my boys' club in NZ, and they have a new Head Coach (dude called Neil Emblen, ex-EPL player and current All Whites Assistant Coach).  He's breathed new life into the club.  Neil is mentoring the prem teams - Leo being in his 10th Grade prems - and subsequently started a Youth Academy, to which both Leo & Harper belong.

Back to Leo...

After participating in tournaments throughout the season & coming third overall in the Ak Premier 10th grade, the team focus was always on the Nationals held in October.  Over the course of 3 days, the boys lifted their game/came together as a team and ended up with played 10, won 10.  Taking the finals 3-0 with young Leo playing the entire game and scoring 2 of the 3 goals.  NZ's 10th Grade champions.

And now the winter season's over Leo continues to play with Wynton Rufer Academy Saturday mornings, to train with Neil Emblen Academy twice a week, and adds in futsal on a Friday night for good measure.

Thanks Ian for recognising that special drive in Leo.  FYI, when we were in Dubai Harper & Leo were inaugural members of the FCBarcelona Escola (Dubai), and Leo received similar comments to yours from his head coach - a gentleman named Josep Gombau - a name you may recognise from the A-League, as current Adelaide coach.  It always gives me immense satisfaction to keep you guys informed of how the little'uns progressing.  I hope he does you proud.  Oliver & I continue to be impressed.

Hopefully within the next couple years you can add him onto your 'I coached this one' list!

All the best with things in gorgeous Sydney.

Take care,



"My son Mitchell joined BSS in August 2012 after the Parents of one of his local club teammates recommended it. He attended the regular skills training sessions and was selected to play the Sunday games in the newly formed BSS FC playing in the Liga Academy competition during Term 4.


In these games he has played a year up in the under 9’s and the BSS coaching improved his skills immensely.


Just recently he trialed for the MWFA SAP U9 Squad and was selected along with his friend Tian mentioned above!


We seriously believe the time spent training and skills taught him at BSS gave him the edge for being selected. Playing practice games at the coaching sessions at BSS with older children have improved his skills and there is total respect for the younger players when playing with the older children. The coaches are all very positive and encouraging, which dramatically improves their confidence and techniques.


Mitch has requested that he continues to attend BSS through future Camps and training sessions wherever possible even though he will attend the elite FFA SAP pathway. "


Sue Sutton


(Mitchell’s Mum)



"Hi Ian,


On behalf of Tian, John and myself, we would like to thank you for allowing Tian to join the Northern Beaches Brazilian Soccer School that you have set up and coached this season. You have done an amazing job with all the kids (in all ages), and with the help of your assistant coaches (especially Marty). Tian has enjoyed it immensely and has come away with more skills than when he started and hopefully that will help him become a better soccer player overall.


The opportunity to play with the squad has played a big part in Tian being successfully chosen in a squad of 20 training and playing in the FFA Skill Acquisition Programme run by the MWFA. Tian has not only been able to learn to control the ball much more, but has enjoyed the whole experience you have provided, which credit should be given to yourself, and Marty for making the children feel so special.. We’re not sure where the Skills Acquisition Programme will go as yet, but are hopeful that the right sort of people are running it and developing these kids appropriately along the way.


Hopefully we can stay in touch throughout the next twelve months, so that if there is a chance or an opportunity for Tian and or Jaylin to be a part of your squad once again, then this could happen.


Our best wishes and gratitude for all you have done for Tian thus far.


Shelly, John and Tian Rae"